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portable xbox 360 slim laptop

portable xbox 360 slim laptop

portable xbox 360 slim laptop. You can watch DVDs and play PC games on your laptop and the picture quality is great, but there is How to play your Xbox 360/Playstation 3 through a laptop screen. 20 best power banks 2015 UK best portable chargers  I would get the more expensive laptop and not the xbox - it s portable, you can game anywhere with it, and you don t . Xbox 360 Slim vs Lenovo Laptop - - . So how large does an Xbox 360 laptop have to be The answer is, not very.. a keyboard to be a laptop. Otherwise it s just a portable Xbox. THINNEST XBOX LAPTOP (Portable Xbox 360) by Dr Lokey by DoctorLokey 2 years ago. 181, 553 views Xbox 360 slim laptop (order yours now ) 3 years ago. The laptop is powered by the standard Xbox 360 Slim PSU Brick and Other than that portable Xbox 360 laptop has HDMI, S/PDIF, USB front  Play Xbox 360 or PS3 games when you want, where you want because you turn your favorite gaming consoles, including the Xbox 360/360S and PS3 Slim.. it is perfect for your portable gaming environment with the headphone jack and  You knew this was coming � the Xbox 360 Slim Portable.. You designed the laptop 360, I was wanting to know, How much is your product  this laptop Last post on 8/7/12 at 4 49pm in Laptops and Netbooks . I m looking to get a hard drive for my 360, I have the new 4gb Slim model. So what is the The catch with this is you can t do xbox live. With this hack it s  Well after a long process my new Halo 3-inspired Xbox 360 laptop is complete. When you re making a slim case fans are a big issue (and they smaller they are . I love my Xbox 360 but its not portable (enter Ben Heck and his crazy Xbox 

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